Today's problem

Don’t know if I should write it here, but I’ll do it anyway.

So, today I was travelling to the jaws on my boat when all of sudden my boat despawned.
I then started swimming, but I noticed that ai wasn’t losing stamina.
When I arrived to Palo town and got out of the water, the screen went black and next thing I’m at the main menu.

Rejoined the game.

Went to the jaws.
Started climbing one.
Almost at the top, when it disappears like a dark sea island.
Same thing happened 4 times in a row.
Now writing this.
I’ll try again tomorrow.

Best regards.

What were you doing before bug occurred: *Nothing special, just on my boat first time and *

Steps to reproduce: ???

F9 Logs ( press f9 to view them in-game): ???

Pictures/Videos: write here (optional if you don’t have any)

this probably has to do with your render distance. you could try to increase it and see if that helps?

maybe it’s time to dispose of your computer in the local forest and write the coordinates on a piece of paper and mail it to some random address since it’s probably haunted
(in all seriousness, it’s probably a server shutdown)

that’s normal

that’s when there’s more outside ur render distance

prob when you died and it still despawns even if you get on

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