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Nothing was posted on the 6th of febraury 2024


hero wars ads

WTF :sob:

why is this even legal

tbh hero wars isn’t even like the worst of it

there’s this one really racist mobile ad for a chinese dynasty game

where can i download this?!?!?

perfect game for pookie :heart_eyes:

i am going to pour all my life savings into this game

I said I don’t want it closed yet

don’t make an effort to post something dumb to get it closed now

this game seems fire

JOYBOY??? NO WAY :fire:

:skull: wtf

It’s literally a magic game
what does arcane mean :sob:
(well it technically means secret but still it’s a common synonym for magic)

They should stop bothering to animate it and just put the ripped cow-woman as the mascot for the game. Guarantee you it will sell better that way.

Still, magic is for people who like having their mouth stuffed (with food ofc).

magic fatasses :+1:

Why? Magic is fun and the most diverse class type, besides maybe weapons but they run like the same 5 weapons, but mages run a lot of different magics, I’ve seen magma/fire, magma/lightning, light/lightning, light/shadow, shadow/poison ):, Metal/magma ):, and so many more.

Some are kinda broken though /: