Toggle for items auto sorting to the hotbar

Toggle for items auto sorting to the hotbar
effort 3.0 1 quality 4.0 2 reasonability 4.5 2

bro i don’t even need the format this is so simple
clears throat

Add a toggle in the settings to where items you obtain that go into the backpack but you do not have any of will not automatically be placed into your hotbar if there is room. It is toggled on by default (current backpack behavior) and can be disabled. Separate toggles for charts (treasure charts and sea charts included in the same toggle) and all other items.

this also lets me bring up the glitch where if you don’t have bones/scales on you and a fish rots in your inventory when you join the game, it messes up your hotbar

If you mean the roblox backpack, im unsure if there can be changes like that to it, although i dont know

if it is possible then it would be really nice to have

id assume he didnt make it like that on purpose, and spending time on fixing that aint worth it imo. like theres almost no way you dont use all the slots of your hotbar to begin with
everyone at least has

  • 2 fighting tools
  • 1 repair hammer
  • 1 fishing rod
  • 1 shovel
  • ideally 1 food slot

meaning 3 slots left for whatever such as charts, ingredients, potions, whatever which i didnt list as necessary cuz not everyone has those at all time, and thats assuming you are a mage, paladin, berserker, warlock or juggernaut as all other builds have more fighting tools

The suggestion is good i just need to put my hotbar here

  • Magic

  • 3 weapons (am conjurer)

  • repair hamer

  • rest is potions and shovel/fishing rod cus i dark sea fiend

personally my hotbar is pretty minimalist- both magics, gale potions, vindicator, and 2 open slots which I usually use for things like repair hammers or shovels or fishing rods

what are yall using? i use magic, food, rod and maybe a hammer. this is a great suggestion just add it already

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