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I feel like the process of changing from one tool to another can be honestly tedious. It feels like a pain using a filter on your inventory, finding the item, re-equipping it, and closing the inventory.

I think a new handy solution would be having a tool ring (basically a weapon wheel but only for tools. kinda busted if we had a weapon wheel.) This would allow you to set certain tools to a specific part of the ring and when you open the ring, easily access one tool from another.

There might need to be some changes such as only being able to use the tool ring while out of combat if this is abusable. Even if restrictions were to be added, this would be a very nice way to manage how to equip tools easily.

Forgot to mention a keybind for how to open it and I have absolutely no idea since a ton of options are currently taken. Give me ideas.

This would be pretty useful if there were more tools added like a lantern (sort of like a torch but better) and other things that may be added in the future.


Definitely gonna become the case. You may as well consider there a ton of tools already since fishing rods can have multiple enchantments alongside different types. There will be a lot more in the future.

How about something like a magic lamp ofc powered by magic not very much though - maybe you could adjust the amount that goes in? - People who played wom exclusive item? - Gamepass item? - Just some little ideas don’t mind me.

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Yes that would be pretty cool, especially considering I see “make night darker again” on the trello to do list lol.

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This is a suggestion for managing tools, not for adding them.

Yeah i meant to reply to the Comment at the top oops :man_shrugging:

True, if there are more tools added though it would make this feature more useful.
Someone should create a suggestion if they can come up with enough tool ideas as well.

There are 100% gonna be new tools in the future. We getting gliders and instrument tools.

yea this would be really useful for tools like fishing rods with different enchants, so you can quickly switch between them or something, also you wouldn’t have to waste time finding the correct tool in your inventory

you would have had my vote if I had any :frcryin:

Yo I got more votes finally. This seems real nice but how will it be opened? Will it be connected to a key?

yea just a button, unsure currently

Voted cuz I can see this becoming handy for when we have tons of tools lategame.

Also unsure what the hotkey would be :pensive:

fuck it, move emotes to something else idk h
or something

Maybe like a backpack in equip bar or something, just something. Love the idea so hope this happens

or you could just memorise where you put all your tools using filter

or you have all the things you need in your hotbar

  1. is your magic
  2. is your melee weapon
  3. is your daggers or bow
  4. is for your torch
  5. is for your fishing rod
  6. is for your halloween scroll.

it’s simple

Preferably you don’t have to open your inventory since the point of the suggestion is a nice quick swap whenever

This is supposed to be for re-equipping different tools. I’d love to see a custom hotbar that lets us re-arrange our toolbar and saves like rogues.

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