Top 3 best decisions you have ever made?

For me:

  1. Getting banned in vetcord (thank god :pray: )
  2. Getting banned in forums (potentially? :thinking: )
  3. Getting banned in Arcane Oddysey (never releasing)
  1. shitting whenever my body tells me to
  2. shitting whenever my body tells me to
  3. shitting whenever my body tells me to

How you got banned from AO? It actually doesn’t exist now

I’m just built DIFFERENT :sunglasses:

Uhhh I’m just planning for the far far far future (jok dont ban me from ao pls pls pls :frcryin: )

Dat was not gud jok

But I didn’t

Just look my Roblox “about”

No can’t be bothered

it was a joke

I understand already

I didn’t read the other part


Is totally ok

man you used to be SO funny and made me laugh every time you replied
now, you’re VERY unfunny boohoohoo

Bro?? I was never funny wtf

that is… true


Aight bro you didn’t have to rub it in

kinda crazy how when I think of the best decisions I’ve ever made it takes a while, but worse? Easy. Cake.