Top 3 reasons chicken is better than burger

  1. tastes better
  2. cooler
  3. chicken
    debate in comments
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wait are we talking about the forum members or the food items

food. food. food. we talk about the food.

ok good good
yes chicken >>>> burger

you can make lots of food with chicken yes

  • chicken biryani (big nom)
  • chicken nuggies (actually haven’t had them yet but they’re prob good idrk)
  • like 10+ different chicken dishes that have to do with putting them in the oven and baking em
  • bbq chicken
  • ton of other stuff

burger is just burger. also unhealthy if its from fast food places. chicken burger is debatable btu id rather have beef instead of chicken in my burger.

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shut up im better
i eat burgrs
and i kill chickens

(jokes aside i dont do this)

Chicken tastes better imo, is generally healthier, and comes off the bone easy.

wow, you guys are stupid
you dont realize that pizza is CLEARLY better than chicken, let alone burger
pizza gang

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here are some reasons

  1. it tastes even better than chicken
  2. its even more cooler than chicken
  3. pepperoni
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chicken is better than burgr because the chicken guy has given me more likes than the burgr guy

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ah yes i put ketchup in pizza

also i also put pineapple
the tasty pine

Fav food sry burgers…

I’m hearing sad vegetarian noises behind me…

Okay I dated Burgr for a hot minute and he was a really nice guy. Made me coffee and cuddle me when I was sad so it was really nice. However, when we broke up he really showed me his true colors. I don’t want to go into any more detail as it is very emotional for me. . .

It’s flattering to hear the humans covet my meat. This meat is premium grade though. Not for sale.

Oh that’s so awful to hear. I hope you give yourself time to heal from that relationship :frowning:

chickens may be better then burgers

but no chiken will ever compare to a burgr.

its time i pull my ultimate playing card
to show who is better

finally,someone who mentions the way the chickens come off the bones



Try your worst, freezer patty

You fools, everybody knows that STEAK IS THE BEST

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