Top five forum moments!(factual)

Number 5
Screenshot 2022-04-22 10.55.08 PM

Number 4

Number 3

Number 2

lumber 1
Screenshot 2022-04-20 2.49.20 PM

im in my flop post area.
time to ruin any chance ive ever had at tester with controversial post

fuck being a good member of the community! diss the entire forum and its bullshit hell yeah!!

factual info

what about the “HERE IM THE FUCK” speech

never seen it

that one suggestion in June 2020 by Mal saying that there should be a kidnapper to take you across the other side of magius
other than that maybe the “kash these nuts on your face :weary:” post

overrated :yawning_face:

not like any of us had much of a chance anyways