Top Three Guilds in WOM?

  • Suncry
  • Noble
  • Legion
  • Templar
  • Azure
  • RavenCrest
  • DynastyGold Fam
  • Roselight
  • Carptel
  • The Guild In Wom
  • The Oppressed Sun (They are the reason the sun is crying)
  • Bully Squad?
  • Lotus Order Revival
  • Dodge Nation

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guilds still exist?

Nah I cancelled them

I love how Spellbreakers use AS servers so we never get included in all your drama and talk.

  1. spellbreakers aren’t even good. 2. Who is ravencrest

Yoooooo The Guild in Wom

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Watch Suncry bomb this voting too :frcryin:

Wait, since when did we become not obsolete…

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well, looks like we bombed it together :frcryin:



haha loser
Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 8.31.18 AM
jk u cool

Okay but how are people voting twice?

you can choose up to 3

Fuck guilds

Remain guildless