[trade closed]

I’m willing to trade a clean minotaur chestplate for one. I don’t want to try the alchemists

Collecting all boss drops ?

with all enchants. work in progress

I’m doing all seanals with colors, I understand the pain

bet you I could start with a full set of exiled + 2 american seasonals and end up with every seasonal

How much u wanna bet also gotta get every seasonal in every colour in every enchant

Ill do it

oh hell no not every enchant, dude thats like 300 400 seasonals or something

400 seems a little low, how many armor enchants are there?

yeah its defo more then 400, I think theres 8 enchants

did the math and there’s 864 different seasonals if you count headless and american items
wait no this doesn’t count clean versions, so there’s even MORE than this lmfao

haha no.

i do

i ahve bursting add crowns and ill do it. im too lazy to code farm

will 1400 crowns be enough? I have a lvl 80 clean mino chestplate in exchange for the bursting mino chestplate.
Also when can you get on?


warp to me, ofluxuated

Ill bet a headless this also means u need to get like 9 headlessses

just add me on discord, iFluxuated#0001

That would be 864 seasonals