(TRADE COMPELTED, NO LONGER TRADING ITEM) Looking for sunken armor (preferably hard sunken boots), willing to give powerful sunkens and more listed

Date of Post - 5/7/2021
Looking For: (you dont have to give both)
— Hard/Powerful Sunken Boots,
— Powerful Sunken Chestplate
Willing to give:
— Powerful Sunken Helm
— Clean Sunken Helm
— (x2) Bursting Sunken Helms
— + extra boss items if i feel like selling my soul (i’ll go over more)
Status: Trade COMPELTED! (but experienced/rich traders give me more tips)

Please DM me if you are interested. roy ur boi#3436

extra note:
good morning experienced/rich traders

this is my first trade on the forums (and my first post on the forums wow)

so if you could kindly either reply under this topic or shoot a DM and tell me what i could possibly get with the items i’ve listed under “Willing to give:” that will be really helpful! (for example: “your powerful sunken helm would probably be worth ___ item”)

This seems like a lot

i have a powerful sunken chestplate


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