Trade offer:

I recieve: 2 Luck III Elixir, brewed in a Golden Cauldron with perfect Brewing skill
You recieve: 10 Golden Fish Scales, 20k Galleons, 2 Golden Pearls

20k galleons doesn’t suffice for 10 golden scales and finding a golden pot I’d say
I’m no expert in trading but I’m pretty sure 20k doesn’t cover the costs

did you read the rest of the ‘you recieve’

are you joking or are you actually serious?
luck 3 is brewed with 10 golden fish scales
elixirs are brewed with 2 golden pearls
what you’re offering is basically 20k in exchange for 10 golden fish scales and 2 golden pearls and the time spent on finding the golden cauldron
I’m pretty sure that isn’t worth it

im offering 20k in exchange for finding gold cauldron basically

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