Trade you a Strong enchanted sunken iron armor for a clean Sunken Iron Armor

Title says it all, plus this be a fair/fair trade since most enchants reset next update (it’s lvl 90 too)
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says what it says bro, fair trade

Even if AO will reset enchants, there’s still no updates to change prices and demand. For now, any other enchant besides bursting, powerful an hard are worth less than clean on the forums.

Could you get a trade like this in the game? Sure, but are people stupid enough to want an unwanted enchant? Probably not. Once again, here’s the general value of enchants on an item:
Hard>powerful>bursting>clean>any other enchant>forceful

So yeah, strong is worth less than clean, even if AO will change that. No game updates? No changes to prices.
Also, please don’t say “it’s fair bro”, thats just unnecessary :fr:

TL;DR: bad

  1. Only strong will reset.

  2. By your reasoning, just keep the bloody set lol.

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this shouldn’t exist

You shouldn’t exist

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is very strange
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my guy, strong enchants are resetting, so in every book it is a clean, it’s why im saying its a fair trade, I’m trading with a clean one that can even be under level 90, go be a keyboard warrior somewhere else like damn

It’s resetting in AO… which is going to probably come out in like 6 months. It’s value is how much it is worth now, not in half a year. By your logic Headless should be worth much more than strong ss rn cause it’s going to be in AO. But it’s not lol

levels dont matter

then tell me why are you trading your strong sunken chest for a clean one? and also would you accept a strong one for a clean one if you had a clean one yourself? Probably not
Just because its turning into a clean sc doesnt mean its worth a clean sc rn. Its more valuable than other bad enchants i agree but not = to clean

Ah yes, it will become clean next update when sunken values PLUMIT as new, better and rarer items get added while little sunken baby armor gets capped at 100.
fair trade? i dont think so.

You really dont like sunkens do you

yes i do blue is a cool color, but thats just what is going to happen in the revamp.

Yeah ik ur right but isnt sunken gonna still have good value for
like 3-4 months

yes, but this trade will be ass for 3-4 months too

this trade will never not be ass