Traded it for a Swift Vast, nothing to see here

Exactly as the thing says, Hard Oath for Clean Oath.

hard oaths are worth less than clean oaths :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

i do not care

doobie calamitas i thought you were better than this :sob:

would hard oath be worth strong vast


hard oath worth like a clean exiled chest + maybe a clean mino hat or smth

hard really ruins an oath’s value

are you serious

doobie calamitas please dont give me fourth degree burns im sorry :sob:

For a swift vast :joy:!!!

Hard doesnt ruin an oath’s value that much
Hard oath = clean woj = strong vast but even if you value hard oath at less then it still shouldnt be that far off of a fair trade for a strong vast

idk just something about a strong vast and a hard oath being equal feels off to me

I get that but at the same it is still a vast and an oath we are talking about

they both suck as weapons but oathkeeper is useful for cheesing pissed off captains
oh yeah and the in game players cry about how much they want it but are too lazy to go farm exiled


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