Traders Guilds?

I have been hearing about dark and light guilds but those are mainly fighting based. Now I’m wondering if there are any guilds focused on trading rather than fighting? I am asking for all my traders out there.

im not a trader, but i do know a popular trade hub


Thanks I might be able to use this!

It’s dead because the game is dead, wait until the guild update and it should spike in activity again

Cool thanks for the heads up!

It’s likely now that we know about infamy, region capturing, the member limits etc that guilds will probably focus more on pvp than on trade. That doesn’t mean that a guild can’t still call itself a “trading guild”. For example in CMMA pretty much no trade goes on in there but the leader of it does plan for the guild to participate in region capturing.

I AM working on a Support Guild actually! It’ll hopefully come out by this week or before the Guild Update in general. So stick around for that I guess.

Yes this is self promo I have no regrets-.

Might have to take a look at it!