Trading 2 Hard Sunken Swords for a single Swift {Deal Completed}

Says it all in the title. If I must I may be able to add a bit, just depends when I look at my post again :stuck_out_tongue:

wish i had a swift sunken sword now >:(

Big op, might want to reconsider.

especially since some people actually value hard over swift

Ill trade mine (swift lvl 80) dm @ColdWiener#4618

Ya know req, I really donโ€™t care if Iโ€™m overpaying since I got both of these clean for extremely cheap

alright then, cant tell you how to handle your items

I stg the community is high Rn.

Dm ArcticJW06#2861

Dm me at awesomesausage37#2341 ill also add

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