Trading 2 Vindicators

Any power accesorry is good or defense

I have a bunch of power and defense accessories. I can trade with you.


I don’t ever see people with periods in their name.

First time you have spoken after a welcome, at least that I have seen.

I second that. :nod:

Sometimes I like/reply to a person’s first post if I got something more to add but usually don’t. It is what it is sometimes though :person_shrugging:

Btw I have a question. My brother was playing AO and I was watching him. There was someone called ThatOneGuy, so I told him to say hi. He said hi to them/you and they/you responded by saying, “hi fard”. I then told him to ask if you are from the forums, which they/you did not respond to. My brother’s user was Darkzoul123456. Was that actually you or a rando?


My user (and display) name is Synvade. Idfk what a “fard” is :fr:

Shame he got that experience though from someone you suggested he talk to but yeah that was not me. I ain’t about shitting on people for no reason. Plenty of people go by “ThatOneGuy” which is a bit ironic. I’ve considered changing my username on here to Synvade since every time I meet a forumer in AO I gotta explain who I am.

My apologies for any confusion there might have been and hopefully neither of you took the “fard” thing personally but yeah chief that wasn’t me.

Neither of us took the “fard” thing personally. It means fart btw. My brother said that he thought that ThatOneGuy would be chill, and I was like, “There ain’t no way thats ThatOneGuy”.

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