Trading alot Of Strong Hard Enchant Items

Strong Enchant Wizard hat
Strong Encahnt Wizard pants
Hard Dull power amulet
Hard poor power amulet
Hard Vistarian Braclets
Yellow Black Green Valk
Strong Mercenary Jacket
Other Enchant wizard robes I have like 5 other

Strong Dull Power Amulet
Hard Dull Defence amulet
Hard Wizard Pants
Hard Wizard Hat

Dm me on disc or reply to this thread. #1814 ZZ_9999 is my disc

Can I trade, my hard wiz pants for a strong wiz pants?

350 smoke arrows for the strong dull power amulet

hey if you didnt trade your hard wizard pants already, I can do that trade.

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lol why are you here

Sorry I already did the trade======================

Dm me Random Name#6665

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