Trading and values

Is there a guide to trading here or something that list the ACTUAL values of items? The trello might say what merchants are willing to pay you but im honestly confused seeing as ive heard about people paying 6.5k galleons for kais sabre

The real value of items is following what the value of items is in your head
Don’t follow valuelists those are for STINKY people :muscle:

Thankyou so much :sob:

Somekne paid me 10k for kai sabre once,the only value of items is what others pay for them, or how much you need them.

Agree with this^

In retrospect I really wanted kais sabre but ended up selling away argos weapons, a rare scroll and 1k galleons since I didnt really have any use for them at the time so theres that :stuck_out_tongue: besides argos isnt exactly hard to farm but those were some RARE drops