Trading ANYTHING/Paying 700 for a Hard/Strong Defense Amulet (Dull)

Note : I do mean every item in the game, but i might not have the color variation to it (example : orange cape), also by “anything” i didn’t mean about the enchantments, so i might not have the enchantment you’re looking for.

DM me on discord : raesa [Norman Banks]#5877 if you’re interested

ill trade a hard defence amulet dull

how much for the amulet?

they said they paying 700 for a strong defence dull but i cant contact them…

i’ll pay 700 but can you give me a few minutes as i only have around 550, i can get it in about 10 min

hey i got the crowns, join me my name in game is buildmobile

are you online right now?

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