Trading Boss loot and bad enchant sunken chestpiece for sunken sword

You receive:
Strong Vas (lvl 80)
Strong Oath (lvl 90)
Swift Sunken Chestpiece (lvl 70)
Clean Exiled Helm (lvl 90)
Powerful Mino Boots (lvl 50)

I receive:
Any enchant Sunken sword (any level)

Contact: Bitgedon#5792

Thats a pretty bad underpay. ill pass

Ok and? there might be someone who will trade. Plus I dont take your opinion too seriously since you seem to be posting variations of “bad offer” on a lot of posts.

I doubt anyone will trade. This is a pretty bad offer. Try it ingame, people there don’t know values as well as people on the forums.

You’re very pessimistic. Also thx for the tip.

you are not wrong :nod:

I would take this deal if it was a bad enchant sunken he was asking for

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