Trading Clean Oathkeeper

Looking for good enchant exiled armour (powerful/hard/strong preferred)

you’re looking for strong???

i got some unenchanted pair of l eggings
and a vastira

I mean… I have 4 sets of strong exiled armor…

.-. bruh

Yeah I’m developing a defense-power-strength hybrid build

will you accept a vastira and a clean exiled legging and a 25 power amulet

No sorry I only want exiled drops really

best i can do is bursting exiled helm and clean exiled leggings then

No sorry

wouldn’t that mean you’d be bad at every stat except defense

I think specializing in one stat is better

Hmmm ik what you mean

Tell you what, give me a powerful exiled set and a strong exiled set and you’ve got a deal

ill give a swift helm and a rotten bluefish for it

I ain’t got a powerful set tho lol

Thats about an ass trade

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