Trading clean sunken chest/boss drops for a bunch of halloweds

I am rlly bored and wanna do trades

I will give a clean sunken chest for a mix of hallowed I and IIs (around 8-10??)
I’ll also do 1 boss drop for 1 hallowed

Message me on here or discord: Oak#2302

Probably won’t get accepted. With the reveal of boss drops being turned into Galleons many in the trading community are just unwilling to turn over seasonals for them. For sunkens though you could probably find someone but imagine you get like 10-20 halloweds for a single sunken item. Gl though it will be an uphill battle. If I had a dozen or so halloweds I’d do this 100% but that’s just me and idk if others would feel the same.

gl :nod:

I could also just be 100% wrong not a trader myself but that’s just how I perceive the situation, not a Nuclearman or Box so take my word with a grain of salt

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aw dang i haven’t been keeping up w/ updates on what would happen w boss drops, thank u for the heads up!

I honestly just wanna get rid of my sunken chest for a few halloweds to reach a personal goal so I’m more than willing to take underpays for them if what im asking for is considered one

110% possible people are pretty down bad for sunkens, again I’d do it but I don’t got the amount of halloweds you’d want and my quantity is so low I just don’t want to trade em in general.

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