Trading commodore Kai Saber

Lf offers

stormcaller + lion of ravenna armor + ravenna apostle gi

update: got it

I have elius’ thunderspear and stormcaller and argos’ halberd, as well as armour/accessories from argos, elius, carina and cernyx, if any of these interest you

how many of those weapons would you be willing to trade for a kai sabre

Of the weapons probably 2 of Elius or 1 of argos, + armour adds if necessary

storm caller and halberd?

Sure, I can get on in about 10 minutes probably

alr lmk when

Sorry for the wait, I can do it now

alr join me RyujiGoto

Server’s full

You can join me, Divanochi

mb ill jus join you

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