Trading enchant boss items for clean boss items

trading the listed enchanted boss drops for a clean version of them

for exiled:

  • 1x bursting helm

also trading any exiled armors listed above for a destructive, forceful, strong or hard version of them

for mino:

  • 2x forceful helm
  • 2x forceful chest
  • 2x forceful legs
  • 1x bursting helm
  • 1x bursting chest
  • 3x bursting legs
  • 2x keen chest
  • 1x keen legs

also trading any mino armors listed above for a destructive, nimble, strong or hard version of them

DM: karm#3516


Is this some sort of joke to mock the minute intelligence of Roblox players

surprisingly, some people are interested in giving cleans for bad enchants. they either dont want to spend crowns enchanting or are rarely looking for some specific bad enchants

Really? If that is the case, please send these said people towards my DMs as well, as I have an interesting proposition involving an unclaimed sum of money amounting to some USD $50 Million inheritance from an unnamed Nigerian prince which is due to be given away to people of my choice; I’d like to offer them the opportunity.

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