Trading Exiled Shield, Hat and Armor + Minotaur Armor and Axe for Clear/Strong/Swift Sunken sword and Hard Mino boots

Exiled Shield, Hat and Boots are Clear and have no Enchantment, Mino Top and Axe are Clear. Mino Boots and Exiled Top are having Keen Enchantment, sadly.
I also can offer Bursting Mino Boots and another Clear Axe if those aren’t enough.

DM me on Discord - Pampkin#0933
Roblox - PAMPKlN(“I” is replaced with small “L”)

that’s a terrible offer for a sunken sword… I’d recommend adding sunken armor instead, since they’re much more sought after by people with sunken sword / are worth more in general

You expected Clean, Swift or Strong…not even enough for Hard Sunken Sword.

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