Trading for a sunken sword

I have

boss items (4)
Sunken Boots (Swift)
Hard WoJ

Looking for any quality sunken swords, I know I’m kinda underpaying but still.

you’re not kinda underpaying, you’re underpaying by ALOT

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I can give you sunken socks if you want?
Freshly clean out of the washing machine. :fr:


I want dababy’s socks and nothing else

No can do, Those socks are too rare :frpensive:

you needa offer a headless or sunken man

I did, a sunken boot


Cant belive I cant get dababy socks

if drama was here “shitass trade”

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Eh, new to trading.

Basicly new to trading, havent traded in a while and I dont know the prices

you need ATLEAST 3-4 sunken armor pieces for someone to even think about trading their sword, and they most likely want overpay so thats even more sunkens or good boss drops. Your trade, sadly, is not worth a SS. I suggest getting some more sunkens. You can always get some boss drops too; preferably a strong oath since it’s the most valuable out of em all

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I meant more then one bad enchant one fr

Ah, I see

When I first started trading, I bought my SS for around 1 sunken helmet (Powerful) and 3 pieces of armour. I hadn’t realized that sunken swords have inflated alot. Thanks for letting me know

bruh that doesn’t mean the value changed… Also what is “pieces of armor” sunken or boss drops

I didnt think it would infate that much is my point

(Boss drops btw)

It didn’t inflate, powerful sunken is worth a great deal, you probably ripped off a new trader who overvalued sunken. Last time values changed was the last time wom had a item update

I traded my helmet at the near beginning of the fishing update

I cant remember when the fishing update was, but values don’t change until another update is released. An update that adds items or changes the rarities I should say

Yeah you hella underpayed for that SS lol, I think the guy you were trading was really new or didn’t know values

It wasn’t a huge ripoff u should note :nod:

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