Trading for sunken sword or headless

trading all sunken items
sunken helmet
sunken boots
sunken chesplate

Definitely not enough for headless and might get u a ss but I doubt so

Could probably get an ss considering it’s a full set and ss is ASS now

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Really how come is it j cus it got outclassed

yeah. sunken sword goes up a little, which isn’t really as cool anymore compared to katana just teleporting or daggers throwing you into orbit.

Its not ass rn nor really outclassed but its niche is just really niche if you get what i mean
Only very specific builds use it and can make it work. But even then its not amazing or anything

Oh ok fe so is it like as valuable as 2 sunken rn or is it a 1 to 1

Nah its still atleast worth 2 sunken chests or a clean sunken set

Oh ok are people still overpaying for it tho?

not really, most people offer 2 clean sunken pieces or a clean set. Havent seen anyone offer more than that so far

ive seen it to but idk if they get accepted

If you’re still looking for a Sunken Sword and still have the three sunken armor pieces I’ll accept your trade.

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