Trading forceful sunken boots (completed)

Trading forceful sunken boots for either a good amount of boss drops (preferably boss weapons) or other sunkens :mariomug:

not accepting crowns, fish, fishbait,common & uncommon gear or seasonals so please dont offer that :nod: (besides a headless head :mariomug:)

you can contact me on discord: Nuclearman7#9970, or here on the forums :nod:

But those are like the best items in the game. Your loss then


ik im missing out on a lot but sometimes sacrifices have to be made

I didn’t notice you got Verified Trader.
Congrats! :clap:

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he got it because of me :swag:

I honestly won’t be surprised if you get it eventually.
You’re a god trader. I respect that about you.

yuh I just got suspended, will be at least another 2 months lmaoo.

I thought suspensions only affected Regular.
Whatever, two months isn’t long. It’ll fly past before you even realise it.

I’d imagine both. since verified trader (so far) has only been given to regulars :man_shrugging:

Now hear me out , ill be willing to offer you 20,000 right now on the spot, we are talking CASH HERE,not credit or any of that bullcrap , so you can see the good stuff yourself, when you decide to that offer just message me back

You do understand your talking to NUCLEAR, right?

Yes im very well aware that im talking to nuclear, he seems like a noob that i can scam after all hes only a verified trader and not a legendary one, when im done scaming him for his boots i will scam him for his boss drops too, it seems like hes a poor beggar whos easily deceived

Fr :nod:

Make it 1 galleon and we will have a deal :troll:

im sorry thats a out of my reach, i can meet you halfway for a legendary rusty can

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