TRADING FORCEFUL SUNKEN HELM FOR 15 SEASONALS (please respectfully chill in the comments)

message me: WhyIsMathSoHard#8032

Don’t stack more than 3 seasonals when trading

u know this is bad mate

People didn’t want my clean Sunken Helm for the same price so this shit as hell


5 seasonals

4 seasonals

0 seasonals

2 rotten bluefish

respectfully chilling: trades like this only decrease your reputation on the forums. please reconsider posting here if you don’t want to be trashed or listen to the recommendations of other forumers.


Bad trade ur literally a degen and scanner

Better luck in game

personally i wouldn’t give 1 seasonal for a forceful sunken but thats just me


1 old boot ;troll;

When its literally the same person :rofl:

Bro is talking to himself :skull::skull:

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