Trading full king calvus strong set for sunken sword

Trading full king calvus strong set for sunken sword

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The fact none has accepted your trade shocks me.

guess people really be loving that sunken sword

Is the KC set worth that much? I got most of it not even trying that hard

When you compare the 2 its NOT surprising in the slightest considering :

A) The sunken sword is a 1/8k at worst 1/5.3k or something at best when ur using a magnetic collector rod. (assuming ur luck is ass reaching 3k fish caught can take almost 2 days and thats just 1/4 of getting the actual sword)

B) Calvus’s boss fight reaches peak difficulty when its ur first time. after u figure his shit out fighting elius can be more annoying than fighting him

C) the boss isn’t going anywhere and the odds for the drops are way more forgiving than trying to fish a sunken up

D) There is a literal npc that gives a strong scroll for doing a quest that has little to no difficulty, which people can abuse by using alternative accounts/slots

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