Trading Full Swift Sunken Set: LF SS or hard/swift SS

Small underpay but if u want swift sunken set here u go

… wtf

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HEY I GOT BORED, i thought i would at least get bursting or hard, my luck is ass

Who even uses magic speed please genuinely tell me

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are you actually serious now come on :fr:

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damn bruh u delusional

traders don’t enchant :niceman:

this is sad

Yes, I know enchanting is just a silly risk at losing value, but anyways I’m not trying in trading till AO, and sunken was gonna lose like almost all of its value when AO releases anyway. Pity system is gonna be ez, Im gonna get tons of sunkens anyways because I can actually endure fishing


what the hell? full swift sunken set for a sunken sword? u high? So in my terms of value (probably wrong but it makes sense) bad sunken helm = 50 boss drops, bad sunken legs = 60 boss drops, bad sunken chest = 75 boss drops and those added is 185 boss drops, while a hard ss is worth atleast like 250+ so like… what? and for a fact no one even likes swift, unless u some stupid heavy magic user and uses swift for some reason… but still, swift is bad and its in “bad enchant” sunken for a reason… :fr:

The purpose of trading is to gain value bru

UH :flushed:

not always but ok

i also love how u said “small underpay” you should change it to massive underpay… LOL

youre openly admitting to wanting to rip people off on the forums
that isnt the smartest thing to say out loud lol

he wasn’t that smart to begin with anyways

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