Trading Hard SS

Can I get a headless? Or two sunken pieces (chest and boots). DM me if your interested! TreePanther#9287

headless very unlikely, clean sunken pieces maybe

do you have any?

Because I would take even bad enchants tbh

i have some but no spares. all i have is a full clean set which i wanna keep for ao in case i can use enchanting scrolls on them. if i get anymore sunkens though then i will enchant trade them

Ill do it

Would you take hard sunken pants for it?

His offer is good tho?

sword for one boot, to me, is a bit bad
dont wanna argue so good job mister 6ft 5

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Hard boots for a hard sword
Thats an overpay in both value and trading potential

i would definitely fucking take the hard boots for a hard sword


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