Trading hard vastira for any WoJ

Trading Hard vastira for any WoJ dm @elf#5867

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Ehh, not the best trade. Hard isn’t the best enchant and vast isn’t the best weapon. A strong vast could work tho if you threw in some armour

but it isnt bad either
hard > clean

yeah, I never said it was one of the bad ones

only bad enchant for the vastira is swift, hard and strong are both better than clean

Meh this’ll get you a sturdy one

He said any woj soo

Wdym? I’m clarifying that he can only really get a sturdy one

He doesn’t care is my point, unless ur saying others that they should offer a max of a sturdy woj

By “any” I assume he thinks he can get a heavy or clean WoJ with this, but I get what you mean

I honestly dont care what enchant it is i just need it for my outfit

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