Trading Heavy WOJ for Strong/Clean Oathkeeper (closed)

first time posting here so idk if i did this right anyways yeah read the title i can also throw in a clean exiled helmet if you want
discord is aroundtheenigma#5924 and roblox is EndorsedDegree

wow not dogshit offer :gasp: so rare!

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wow this trade is good, i wanna do it but lemme check if i have any oaths

heavy woj will get u clean oath
adding a clean helmet + woj MIGHT get you strong

a clean helmet and a heavy woj wont get you a strong oath

wasnt looking for specifically a strong one, just have gotten desperate for an oath but i didnt know the value of a heavy WOJ

you can get a clean oath with a heavy woj

ill do the trade in a couple hours when im back at home. feel free to dm me at Misinput#1368 in the meantime. its a lot easier to talk on discord rather than the forums

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