Trading items

Poison Tooth Dagger X1 - 120+ (Clean)
Fair Defense Amulet X1 - (Clean)
Scimitars of Storm X1 - 70+ (Clean)
Stormcaller X1 - 80+ (Clean)
Lion of Ravenna Chest X1 - 80+ (Clean)
Lion of Ravenna Leggings X1 - 120+ (Clean)
Lion of Ravenna Helmet X1 - 110+ (Clean)
Cape of Ravenna Loyalty X1 - 90+ (Clean)
Noble Thunderspear X1 - 100+ (Clean)
Dual Swift Grey Bracelets X1 - 80+
Strong Scroll X1
Nimble Scroll X2
Lucky Scroll X1
Luring Scroll X1
Amplified Scroll X1
Hard Scroll X1
Magnetic Scroll X1
Axe Slash Scroll X1

DC: Arvo#5691

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ooooo you want to it is a good idea

Axe slash scroll or halberd for strong scroll?

can I trade you a noble thunderspear for that storm bow

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