Trading maid top previously owned by vetex

i have a maid top that is previously owned by vetex games (the real vetexgames!!!) comment your offers!

One rusty can

dont care, 5 crowns max offer

Nimble sunken chest

the fact that other people are probably gonna put higher offers


clean sb and a strong oath final offer

maid top originally owned by vetex (before he switched his name to vetex, so it says thebikerdude2)

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clean sunken chest

15 rusty cans and 10 maid sets :sunglasses:

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neon green leather pants

sunken chestplate plus bad enchant boot or helmet

clean sunken chest and a clean vast
@MrNormalBox mine >:(

clean sunken chest and bad enchant sunken chest

my offer is still better

oh i thought u meant boss drop
i fix offer

wsp buddy, i can give 2 halloween pumpkins in normal orange and blue (i can offer more if you want to, up to 8-9) all my boss items and near 1400 fish bait

can’t wait for someone to offer a headless :yum:

My offer still better :grin:

fuck you sunken sword

stages of grief

strong sunken sword, 2 strong oaths, full strong mino set, 2 clean vastiras and 2 strong sunken helmets
lets see if someone tops that