Trading minotaur armour and strong castalian sword

Trading minotaur armor and strong castalian sword for any level oathkeeper

Moved to #marketplace, what you’re offering isn’t woth an oathkeeper, uncommon and common items have little to no value, the minotaur armour has value but not enough for an oath.


What he said is true.

Maybe you should do a bit more boss grinding before trying to trade for an oathkeeper

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whatever you say :fr:

Oh shut up bitchboy and have some self respect you can get out of here with your foolishness and your stupid view of values you legit wanted a strong sunken sword for crowns and a strong vastira, I’m just helping the dude out don’t fucking piss me off :fr:


yeah bitchboy

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the boss drop for oathkeeper is so rare and i constantly fight the exiled and minotaur but rarely get i drop so my only hope for now is a minotaur armor set

making false claims about an items worth isnt either

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im so confused what is a mina

what?? :sob:


Can you just stop being dumb and spreading misinformation?
Boss drops WILL NOT become exclusives just damn compensated. Like dude if you barely know jack shit about trading just don’t say anything :frsleepin:


this has me in tears

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wtf dude!! its literally the rarest item! >:(

stfu dude we all know that rotten koi fish is the rarest item in the game

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how old are you

Your roasts are as pathetic as your iq


You spread misinformation, agitate people for no reason, and don’t offer any information in argument besides scraping up any crumb of related information and puking it out. And you do this in every single topic. Stop.


Whoops, gonna fix that typo. How embarrasing.