Trading my stuff (Rare Weapons, armor, scrolls)

Poison Tooth Dagger X1 - 120+ (Clean)
Lion’s Halberd X1 - 110+ (Clean)
Fair Defense Amulet X1 - (Clean)
Scimitars of Storm X1 - 70+ (Clean)
Stormcaller X1 - 80+ (Clean)
Lion of Ravenna Chest X1 - 80+ (Clean)
Lion of Ravenna Leggings X1 - 120+ (Clean)
Lion of Ravenna Helmet X1 - 110+ (Clean)
Cape of Ravenna Loyalty X1 - 90+ (Clean)
Noble Thunderspear X1 - 100+ (Clean)
Dual Swift Grey Bracelets X1 - 80+
Strong Scroll X2
Nimble Scroll X2
Lucky Scroll X1
Luring Scroll X1
Amplified Scroll X1
Hard Scroll X1
Magnetic Scroll X1

how much defense does the fair amulet give


holy smokes that’s a lot

What’s the minimum price? Like any specific boss drops? I can find all the items I have

I’d take the Power Amulet if you still have it ngl

I do. I’ll join you?

oh wait, it’s dull
are you okay with that?

How much does it give

23 power

ehhh nty sorry, and if I’m being a dumbass then bear with me cuz it’s the first time I’m trading on this

nah its good, it was an L for you

If you want, I can add

It’s alr, I should probs get better stuff anyways


Lion halberd + axe slash scroll + bursting carina gi for 2 strong scrolls?

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