Trading nearly every boss drop and more! LF seasonals but other offers welcome too


  • Some quantities may be incorrect.
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E Scrolls:
(11) Lucky
(15) Magnetic
(10) Amplified
(6) Sturdy
(15) Bursting
(12) Strong
(5) Nimble
(32) Hard
(6) Luring
(11) Swift

Rare Scrolls:
(6) Pulsar
(14) Axe Slash

(12) Vindicator
(5) Noble Thunderspear
(9) Lance Of Loyalty
(22) Commodore Kai Sabre
(5) Triasta Of Bronze
(6) Ravenna Greatsword
(10) Lion Halberd
(14) Stormcaller
(12) Scimitars Of Storm
(5) Sanguine
(23) Silent Blades
(4) Poison Tooth Dagger
(2) Sunken Sword (Seasonals Only/Sunken Pieces)

(1) Sunken Helmet
(6) [Fair] Attack Speed Amulet
(10) [Fair] Attack Size Amulet
(9) [Fair] Defense Amulet
(7) [Fair] Power Amulet
(6) [Fair] Agility Amulet
(2) [Fair] Intensity Amulet
(10) Calvus Crown
(4) Calvus Armor
(12) Calvus Boots
(5) Calvus Cape
(6) Carina Gi
(6) Carina Bracelets
(5) Carina Pauldrons
(7) Carina Leggings
(4) Carina Faulds
(9) Argos Helmet
(4) Argos Armor
(5) Argos Leggings
(5) Argos Cape
(4) Elius Armor
(5) Elius Boots
(1) Elius Shroud
(4) Cernyx Robes
(2) Cernyx Boots
(3) Cernyx Amulet
(5) Cernyx Faulds
(1) Fire Arcsphere
(1) Arcanium Arcsphere
(2) Magma Arcsphere
(1) Ice Arcsphere
(1) Explosion Arcsphere
(1) Metal Arcsphere
(1) Wind Arcsphere

(2) Arcanium Cannons
(3) Plasma Cannons
(1) Metal Cannons
(1) Ash Cannons
(1) Explosion Cannons
(1) Lightning Cannons
(10) Arcanium Ram
(1) Sand Ram
(1) Metal Ram
(3) Lightning Ram
(1) Poison Ram
(2) Light Ram
(2) Plasma Ram

Seasonals (134):
(7) Skeleton Wizard Hat
(8) Hallowed I
(8) Hallowed II
(15) Head Wrappings
(7) Body Wrappings
(7) Leg Wrappings
(8) Halloween Bag
(12) Pumpkin Fedora
(11) Haunted Skull Chain
(9) Dark Omen Mask
(11) Candy Corn Beanie
(4) Bat Wings Headband
(14) Mini Cauldron
(2) American Sunglasses
(11) Death Crown

ill buy a dark omen mask off you for a hard scroll

i’ll pass sorry, i got too many hard scrolls + i rather not trade for scrolls rn

anything in particular you want for it(please I need it for the aesthetic)

8x Strong Scrolls
1x Hard Scroll
3x Swift Scrolls
1x Fallen King Armor
1x Strong Cammadore Kai Sabre
1x Cammadore Kai Sabre
2x Pulsar
1x Hard Defense Amulet (Fair)
1x Poison Tooth Dagger

Any of these for any archsperes or a fair power amulet?

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sorry for late response but if you got a list i could look at of your items maybe i could make an offer if you got smth i’m lf

How many seasonals can you give me for a full calvus set + 2 more cavlus chestpieces ontop?

how much for stormcaller, scimitars of storm and poison tooth in galleons?

Pulsar Scroll for Fire Arcsphere and Fair Power Amulet?
i can also throw in a Amplified scroll.

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