Trading Nimble sunken chest and legs, and a swift sunken helmet for a Hard sunken sword

Trading Nimble sunken chest and legs, and a swift sunken helmet for a Hard sunken sword. frezatel#4400

Although it is a hard sunken sword that you are asking for, this is still a bad trade, sadly. A hard sunken sword is still worth a decent amount. And 3 bad enchant sunken pieces aren’t gonna make that price.

I would give more advice on what to add, but I’m horrid at trading sunkens. I’m sure somebody well come and reply with some more help. :hungry:

Misinput is right, if I still had my hard sunken sword you would need to offer at least 2 clean sunkens for me to accept this :man_shrugging:

at least Frez ain’t a sped like BigManMixed with his offers :frpensive:

lmfao true

I got a SWIFT sunken sword from this :anguish:

Bruh you’re mega lucky lol.
I’ve been hunting for a swift ss for months and I still don’t have one.

dude i started from a hard sunken sword, to a strong sunken sword and a swift sunken sword :frfrfr:

I’ve had this bad hard ss for months. You just come out here and do that???
Teach me how I want a strong ss toooooooo :frcryin:

So basically, someone traded me clean sunken helm and chest and nimble sunken legs for my hard sunken sword. I enchanted them and got swift on the helmet, and hard on the chestplate. Chanzei traded me a sunken bursting set for it. I traded the bursting set for a strong sunken sword and a nimble sunken chest. I traded my nimble sunken chest and legs, swift helmet woj and mino legs for a swift sunken sword.

Lucky you to get a good enchant on the chestplate. If you got a bad enchant on that chestplate, you probably would have been screwed!
I give you props for that though, I never get good trades… ever. So now I have resort to try and sell my hard ss for a headless in game, then trade the headless for a strong ss.

Yeah thankgod, I wish you luck on trying to get a strong ss <3

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