TRADING (Not Accepting Galleons)



  • x3 Attack Speed Amulet [Fair]

  • x1 Defence Amulet [Fair]

  • x2 Power Amulet [Fair]

  • x1 Intensity Amulet [Fair]

  • x1 Wolf Pelt Hood

  • x1 Swift Cape Of Ravenna Loyalty

  • x2 Cape Of Ravenna Loyalty

  • x1 Elite Knights Pink Pauldrons

  • x1 Elite Knights Lime Pauldrons

  • x1 Elite Knights Orange Pauldrons

  • x1 Sunken Iron Helmet


  • x1 Bronze Chainmail Shirt

  • x1 Amplified Ravenna Centurion Armour

  • x1 Ravenna Centurion Armour

  • x1 Lion Of Ravenna Armor

  • x1 AMPLIFIED Ravenna Centurion

  • x5 Steel Armor

  • x2 Titanium Armor (Cobalt Sash)

  • x1 Titanium Armor (Red Sash)


  • x1 Amplified Lion Of Ravenna Leggings

  • x1 Lion Of Ravenna Leggings

  • x1 White Ravenna Noble Boots

  • x1 Purple Ravenna Noble Boots

  • x1 Sunken Iron Leggings


  • x1 Bursting Silent Blades

  • x1 Swift Silent Blades

  • x3 Noble Thunderspear

  • x3 Lance Of Loyalty

  • x1 Lion’s Halberd

  • x3 Vindicator

  • x2 Scimitars of Storm

  • x1 Stormcaller

  • X2 Greenwish Cultist Staff

  • x5 Ravenna War Shield

  • x1 Hard Ravenna War Shield

  • x1 Sturdy Ravenna War Shield

  • x20 Ravenna Greatsword

  • x2 Swift Ravenna Greatsword

  • x3 Bursting Ravenna Greatsword

  • x3 Triasta Of Bronze

  • x2 Bronze Musket

  • x1 Bursting Bronze Musket


  • x4 Luring Scroll

  • x3 Amplified Scroll

  • x4 Hard Scroll

  • x5 Bursting Scroll

  • x5 Nimble Scroll

  • x3 Sturdy Scroll

  • x2 Swift Scroll

  • x1 Lucky Scroll

  • x2 Strong Scroll

  • x4 Axe Slash Scroll

  • x1 Pulsar Scroll


  • x2 Bronze Framing

  • x1 Reinforced Wooden Hull

  • x2 Rugged Framing

  • x1 Trimmed Wooden Hull

  • x1 Light Bronze Framing

  • x1 Light Rugged Framing

  • x1 Rugged Trim

  • x1 Wooden Trim

  • x1 Lesser Shadow Cannon

  • x1 Heay Bronze Cannon

  • x1 Bronze Carronades

  • x1 Bronze Culverins

  • x1 Heavy Bronze Cannons

  • x1 Heavy Bronze Cannon

  • x1 Carronades

  • x1 Culverins

  • x2 Normal Cannons

  • x1 Lesser Shadow Ram

  • x1 Lesser Ice Ram

  • x1 Iron Axe Ram

  • x2 Iron Battering Ram

  • x6 Iron Blade Ram

  • x2 Iron Spiked Ram

  • x1 Reinforced Ram

  • x3 Rugged Blade Ram

  • x1 Rugged Cleaving Ram

  • x1 Rugged Spiked Ram

  • x2 Cotton Sailcloth

  • x3 Flax Sailcloth

  • x4 Wool Sailcloth

  • x2 Globe Lanterns

  • x2 Aged Candles

  • x1 Braziers

  • x2 Candles


  • King Calvus Drops

  • Seasonals (Especially Headless)

  • Sunken Items

Discord: Beans#2326

3 bursting for calvus crown and trident?

do you still have this
my offer is

would that work for you

Yeah I’d accept that trade. Sorry for the late reply, I’m from Europe lmao

sorry someone allready DM’d me on discord accepting (unless that was you)

yeah no worries! I don’t think that was me, I have the same profile picture on here and discord.

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