Trading out a Sunken Helm

I am looking to trade a clean sunken helmet for 4 strong oaths, but other trades of similar value could also work.

Roblox Username: ItzCrelleMC

Unlikely to get this most people say its worth 2 strong oaths some say 3 but mostly 2


Honestly I’ve tried selling off my helmets for 2 strong oaths each and even that is hard. Nobody wants helmets and if they do they want it to complete their set, most likely. 1-1.5 strong oaths is plenty, 4 is way too much


Yeah that’s a no

thanks @Cl34cc

for fucks sake when i want to sell my sunken helm theres no buyers but then like a month later this juicy lil thang pops up :frcryin:

Hes trading his sunken helm

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what no way i read it that bad lemme check

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damn i did


how do you get half of a strong oath?

items equivalent to half a strong oaths worth

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