Trading Powerful Sunken Chestplate

I offer;

  • 1 Powerful Sunken Chestplate

I am looking for;

  • 1 Clean Sunken Sword

DM me: Misinput#1368

if this trade is ass, i can change it. just lmk

Not ass trade, but strong oath is just overpay.

i want strong oath :trol:

It would be more convenient for you to make two separate trades because I don’t think anyone has/is willing to give both of these particular items in one trade.

then they just have down bad issue

I know right I thought all players were rich and snotty like me

:angry: :anger:

hi peasant

hi drmaa

I got the strong oath but ill check back on u if i ever get a clean ss (unless you want a hard ss with something else i can add)

They changed it, they don’t want a strong oath anymore

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