Trading promethius acromony for sunken warior legs chest and helmet OR sunken sword

Promethius for sunken warrior set or sunken sword

everyone would say its a scam like for example I have to trade 2 acrimonies and and essence+3 leg scales for one lvl 60 sunken sword

really because i have 2 acremonies there just on 2 different accounts

same lol what I did is I took something that he used and gave it back after the trade was finished so he didn’t scam

(also I used one of the acrimonies to make interchange pot and only gave him one pot so thats why I also gave fish scales)

this isnt worth it
youll need like 4-5 acrimonies to be able to buy a sw helm, sw leggings or a sunken sword atm
the sw chest is worth like 5-6 atm


this is inflation bruh

“atm” cuz acrimony value is currently rising steadily while sunken value is slowly dropping
both cuz of supply and demand reasons

yooooooooooooo les goooooo

perfect for me :smiley:

wait how much is an acromony worth in galeons?

like “40k atm”

man noticed too, i feel like acrimony can be easily gotten with a few methods though so i’m not sure

also sunken can’t be leveled up too high based on the nimbus update

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