Trading Pulsar scroll LF anything

I need anything for my pulsar scroll please offer. Discord is ElijahRocks#2656

elius boots for scroll?

is there anything diffirent you can do? or can you add

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yeah i can do that add ne ithesuperiori

are you going to add me??


can you add me now i was excited to get the weapon

Bruh scimitars of storm are not as good as pulsar you should ask for more

like what

why are you ruining someone else’s trade :sob:

idk i just had a sudden feel of like “I gotta save this person from doing a slightly bad trade” yeah ik

bruh sandal isnt adding him anyways

so hes just gonna leave ejtradesarcane all excited like that? :sob:


can anyone else do a reasonable offer for it?

Would you take galleons for it

how many

Alr listen before I say this alr? I have never done a trade before so dont get mad if its bad and PLEASE dont make fun me lol, uh how about 3k galleons(dont make fun of me if this is bad pls)

Pulsar is worth three sunken sets