Trading random clown nose for a black clown nose


My guy just go to a tailor.

im broke

then go open chests

im too lazii

it’s 7 crowns

well obviously not lazy enough to go post a random garbage shit trade on the forums

go open some chests

im lazy to do most things but not lazi to do others.

then go do exiled then buy a clown nose

ill just trade my 6 crowns for 7-

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Goddamn even traders arent this lazy

hi nuc!!!

bro how hard is it to get a clown nose from a store :skull:

quite hard

thats me, i send random videos to my friends, except its at 12 am

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very hard

literally ain’t no way

I have seen so many wandering tailors and stores with clown noses for like 10 crowns a piece

skill issue honestly