Trading rare stuff


sunken swords x 24
Sunken chest x 6
Sunken Boots x 3
Sunken Helmet x 9

Death Crowns x 8
Leg Wraps
Halloweed II x 2
Skull chain
Omen Mask
Easter Valkyrie x 2

Mlf Offers, sunken (mainly boots), seasonals, alot of boss drops calvus/argos prefer a full set

Offer for Sunken Sword?

not looking for more swords

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I mean Offer for your Sunken Sword

oh, sure u can offer

Sunken boots?

just boots for my sword??


Looking for one of ur easter valks. My offer: 1 pulsar, 1 axe-slash, 2 vindicators, 4 hard scrolls, and 500 galleons.

no thanks

24 sunken swords?

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