Trading seasonals away

I’m offer a mini cauldron Halloween Seasonal for every 4 armored or powerful exotic scrolls.

Reply to discuss details.

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this is worth imo, but considering the pain of getting armored/powerful in that amount, people wont take it(i dont even have the scrolls to begin with, used them all up for my build)

i suggest just getting a t5 luck pot and using it when you are selling tons of dark sealed

I could but I need scrolls and fast

i can do 2 powerful/ armoured per and it can be a beanie doesnt have to be the cauldron

Im only offering the cauldron cause it’s the item I have stocked up

how many halloween seasonals would you give for 1 armored atlantean sunken iron helmet

I would take it if it wasn’t atlantean but it wouldn’t be worth a halloween seasonal


I’m saying an armored sunken helm is worth less than a Halloween seasonal

But does he know?


bro do you actually view an atlantean armored sunken iron helmet as less value than 4 armored/powerful scrolls

Yes in my book it is at the moment for several reasons

  1. I’d prefer mines non atlantean
  2. Having 4 armored scrolls is more versatile than just having 1 really valuable piece
  3. The modifier cannot be undone
  4. It’s not the armor piece I want the atlantean essence on

it can but youd need to remove the armoured enchant first and then use a virtuous scroll so in this case getting rid of the modifier would be pretty costly

Oh I had no idea lol, but I still stand by my word, I want scrolls not a sunken helm

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