Trading Seasonals

trading 11 halloweds, 7 easter valks, 9 head wrappings, 2 skull chains, 5 omen masks, 3 crows, 3 candy corn beanies, 6 pumpkin fedoras, 10 mini cauldrons, bat headband, leg wrappings, 2 death crowns

i got a bunch of sunken i’d like to trade you for these user @supersoldier947ii, i don’t need seasonals so don’t expect me to overpay also

wait how much u want for a sunken and which

it would depend what you’re offering i dont mind ~fair trades for sunken irons however i may want you to overpay a bit for any sunken warriors otherwise you can think of them as not for trade, it’ll really depend

no thanks then

you wouldnt even overpay 5-10k? i didnt expect a no thanks; what sunkens did you need? i’ll see what i can do from there

well last time you offered a sunken you wanted pretty big overpay so im good

i know people that have gotten 12 and 6 halloween seasonals for staff that’s why i was asking for that much those times!

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