Trading SI Set, Sunken Swords, Scrolls, Seasonals, Interchange Potions, Crystalline Arcmancer Robes, and Galleons

I’m mainly looking to buy stuff with galleons, but feel free to make whatever offers.

what can you give for an acrimony? its on an mage file btw

Yo what is selino
worth in arcane i got 2x scrolls of selino

Not sure what its worth, but I think its like a couple thousand galleons or something. @Nuclearman7 is more well-versed in trade values. I never really trade technique scrolls.

tbh technique and spell scrolls arent traded that often because theyre simply too common to be worth trading for. And whenever people do trade for them, theyre usually sold for a low price of at most like 3k galleons so darkzoul was basically spot on

alr ty

lets go i dont suck at trading

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